We are now offering CDJ-3000 Practice Sessions and Livestream A/V Recording Sessions!
Contact us at art@iamopfx.com to book your time.

What do they include:

CDJ-3000 Practice Sesssions allow you to use:
(3) Pioneer CDJ-3000
(1) Pioneer DJM-900NXS2
(2) Adam Audio T7V Active Studio Monitor
(1) PreSonus T10 Temblor Active Studio Subwoofer
We can record directly to a USB thumbdrive through my audio interface, or you can bring an RCA to USB cable to record directly to RekordBox on your labtop.

Livestream A/V Recording Sessions allow you to:
We will setup and soundcheck audio to preferred levels, the stage that you see in Anonymous Productions livestreams will be utilized. Visuals can be provided by the DJ or you can use visuals from the OPFX database for your stream. We can easily add your logo on top of the visuals, but no custom visuals will be made. You can e-mail art@iamopfx.com, if you would like custom visuals to be made.